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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Allen, A. M., Brown, R. M., Higginbotham, G., Martin, K. J., & Hudson, S. T. J. (2023). Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Construals of Structural Racism and Attitudes toward Critical Race Theory. PsyArXiv. 

Higginbotham, G. D., Sears, D. O., & Goldstein, L. H. (2023). When an irresistible prejudice meets immovable politics: Black legal gun ownership undermines racially resentful White Americans’ gun rights advocacy. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 152(2), 410–424. 

Higginbotham, G. D., Shropshire, J., & Johnson, K. L. (2022). You Play a Sport, Right? A Persistent and Pernicious Intersectional Bias in Categorization of Students vs. Student-Athletes. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 48(11), 1531-1547. 

Trawalter, S., Higginbotham, G. D., & Henderson, K. (2022). Social Psychological Research on Racism and the Importance of Historical Context: Implications for Policy. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 31(6), 493-499. 

Kerner, L., Losee, J. E., Higginbotham, G. D., & Shepperd, J. A. (2022). Interest in purchasing firearms in the United States at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Threat Assessment and Management, 9(1), 52–66. 

Higginbotham, G. D. (2021). Can I belong in school and sports?: The intersectional value of athletic identity in high school and across the college transition. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 27(4), 613–629. 

Higginbotham, G. D. (2021). Shifting the Self to Make Sense of the Past: Interdependence as Mediating Racial Divergences in Perceptions of Critical Black History [PhD Dissertation]. University of California, Los Angeles. 

Brannon, T. N., Carter, E. R., Murdock‐Perriera, L. A., & Higginbotham, G. D. (2018). From backlash to inclusion for all: instituting diversity efforts to maximize benefits across group lines. Social Issues and Policy Review, 12(1), 57–90. 

Brannon, T. N., Higginbotham, G. D., & Henderson, K. C. (2017). Class advantages and disadvantages are not so Black and White: intersectionality impacts rank and selves. Current Opinion in Psychology, 18, 117–122. 

Brannon, T. N., Taylor, V. J., Higginbotham, G. D., & Henderson, K. C. (2017). Selves in contact: how integrating perspectives on sociocultural selves and intergroup contact can inform theory and application on reducing inequality. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 11(7). 

White Papers and Reports

Lazar, L., Higginbotham, G. D., Signorelli, J. Wang, C., Azar, J., & Uhls, Y. T. (2022). Driving box office performance through authentically inclusive storytelling. UCLA Center for Scholars and Storytellers.

Higginbotham, P., Zheng, Z., & Uhls, Y. (2020). Beyond checking a box: A lack of authentically inclusive representation has costs at the box office. Center for Scholars and Storytellers.

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